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Casting Vibe- a new platform for regional artists to make their debut in the field of entertainment! ( )


Over the last few years, the film industry in our country and other related TV and OTT media have been growing rapidly. India is currently the largest producer of films in the world. So there are great career opportunities today in acting, directing, scriptwriting, cinematography, compilation, sound, music, dance direction, graphics, etc. related to these fields. Even if there is an opportunity, most students in the regional area often fail because they do not receive proper guidance at the right time. Mostly they have to leave their village and move to important cities. The effort to find work is even different. In the last 2 years, the journey of regional artists has become even more difficult due to the emergence of Covid. Despite their acting skills and hard work, debuting in the entertainment industry feels like a dream. Lionage Media Pvt. Ltd. is trying to provide a new platform for such regional artists to make their debut in the field of entertainment. Casting Vibe is a digital platform of talent and casting that they have created for these regional artists and it is also completely free.

The actors and actresses are chosen according to the needs of the story and the role in the film. In addition, good actors are needed for many small and big roles. But even today, many regional artists, despite having all the qualities in their bodies, cannot reach the right people in the field of entertainment. Many times there is no accurate information on where exactly the auditions are taking place. It was really necessary to have a system in this regard and that is why Casting Vibe was created. Casting Vibe is a digital talent and a casting platform. On which entertainment artists as well as technicians can create a free profile of their own. The artist or technician’s social media contacts, personal and business information, photos and videos of themselves, and work profile are all available on a single link. hese artists and technicians will also be able to learn about the audition and the selection process. Most importantly, all the information offered is free. In addition, the profiles will be distributed free of cost to various production companies, TV channels and OTT media. The platform will serve as a bridge between artists, technicians and production companies, TV channels and OTT media.

Currently, Many leading artists have created their own profiles on the Casting Vibe platform. To create a profile on this platform, you need to visit
and go to the Talent Registration tab and create your own free profile.

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